About the Series

Writer and Host Seán Virgo narrates his encounters with people and their environments in a poetic, nearly hypnotic way. Individual things, creatures, and people are the focus and the wide backdrop is the context which gives these intimate realities a special luminosity.  It is one man’s way of seeing and interpreting his adopted home  – it is not encyclopedic: it does not shy away from being opinionated, romantic, and speculative.

Each episode follows Seán’s wanderings down rural roads connecting a common theme of migration/immigration; outstanding individuals; the balance/interdependence of Earth, Sky and Water; extinction and recovery; and most importantly, the connections made between people (some historical), places and ideas which create a new way of seeing and understanding one's surroundings.  Each episode combines and connects human history, natural history, landscape and the voices/experiences/opinions of local people and experts.

Middle of Somewhere takes an editorial approach to its experiences and discoveries.  Viewers become part of Seán’s explorations through the roads not commonly travelled and return excited, surprised and contemplative of their changing notion of place, home and history. 

This series is produced by plan9films. To see more about us, click here.

Middle of Somewhere - the series